The Method


Beginning in 2018, Il Lazzaretto has worked on a yearly thematic thread: a specific theme, targeted to different sectors of activity, but always able to welcome transversal views and collaborations.
After having explored the themes of femininity in 2018 and the passage of time in 2019, the theme of Madness was chosen for 2020, intended as a means to investigate non-standardized and unresolved views, and to focus on the creative gesture.

Located in the heart of the homonymous Milanese district, historically a place of contagion and contamination, Il Lazzaretto aims to trigger processes of collaboration and interactions through a method of Generative Hybridization—which aims to facilitate the meeting of like-minded people with varying approaches, logic, skills, and distant and heterogeneous professionalism, in order to stimulate a process that can lead to the development of an interdisciplinary product.
This method contrasts with the contemporary tendency to separate aspects of experience, fragment knowledge, specialize skills by clearly dividing the fields of action, methods and areas of contact, thus limiting the relationship and collaboration between individuals.

Il Lazzaretto’s approach adopts the ‘methodical doubt’ as a research method and the consequent art of asking unconventional questions.
Asking a question allows you to question and challenge mental habits.
Asking a question opens up new perspectives, invites exploration, produces new thoughts.
Asking a question means being curious, open, capable of playing with chaos and uncertainty.
Asking a question means entering into a relationship of dialogue and exchange.
Asking a question means looking in amazement at all that is yet to come.
Asking a question is a forgotten game.
Asking a question sets the right hemisphere in motion.
Asking a question is a trick.